The Toxic World of Family Vlogging Channels: How the Ace Family was able to Hide their Past

Hailey Elizabeth
Hailey Elizabeth
Published on 28.03.2021

This video is not meant to slander the name of the Ace Family or others involved. This is all information I found through interviews with the family and formed into a biography documentry and not to spread hate and false claims to the ace family brand. I do not own any of the footage shown that display the ace family and others alike. The footage used is all under fair use and is being used for criticism and research purposes.

hey everyone!! YALLL when I tell you this series has kept me up at night.. BUT ITS FINALLY HERE AND DONE! As I said in the video I will be posting The ace family today, 8 passengers in a few days and as you can tell in the intro (oops) Shaytards will be after that! So if you're interested in any of that make sure to subscribe and check it out. I can't wait for you guys to watch the videos and enjoy watching them like I enjoy making them!! Again, thank y'all so much for everything it truly means the world. Love you 💖💖

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