How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

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Digital Trends
Published on 7.04.2021

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean a TV screen. Avoid doing damage to your flat screen TV by following some simple steps using simple products. This is how to clean a TV screen the right way.

You don't need special electronics cleaner to clean a tv screen. In fact all you may need is a microfiber cloth to remove dust. If there are any smudges on your 4K TV, applying a small bit of distilled water to the cloth can clean a screen. For heavier cleaning, try a tiny drop of dish soap in water. This video will show you proper technique for how to clean a tv screen, computer screen, or any other monitor. Whether it's a brand new OLED, or a LCD TV from 2010, these screen cleaning tips are sure to work.

Windex Screen Wipes -
Endust Screen Wipes -
Microfiber Cloth -
Dust-Off -

0:00 - Intro
0:46 - What Not to Use!
1:34 - What Can You Use to Clean a TV?
2:01 - Dry Cleaning a TV
2:35 - Cleaning Hand Prints & Smudges
3:20 - Still Not Clean? Try This Trick!



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