"We Only Had 1 Choice!" Mikey Williams Makes HUGE DECISION For His Future! Forms A SUPERTEAM!?

Published on 27.02.2021

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In the new episode of Fear Nothing, Mikey Williams has a dope surprise birthday party and then gets back in the gym with Jiggy Izzy! Izzy drives down to San Diego from LA, and she's ready to WORK. Jiggy and Mikey reminisce about Kobe and how he motivates them. Kobe had a big impact on both of their lives and they're not afraid to open up about it.

Later, Mikey surprises a a girl hooper on her 15th bday party. She's a big Mikey fan and she FREAKS OUT when he gets to her party!

After that, Mikey gets back in the gym with Bryce Griggs and Ryan from Hoop House. Their team is looking UNSTOPPABLE. But then COVID hits and everything gets shut down. Mikey's gotta make a BIG move...to CHARLOTTE.

Run that vid up and lemme know what you think in the comments!

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